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Joe Rossi—born and raised in Prescott, Arizona—is one of the few Arizona natives who still resides there. Raised by his mother, Jane, who had a successful legal business, he was taught the value of hard work, including how to juggle many responsibilities while staying focused on a long-term goal. At a young age, his mother told him that he shouldn’t look for work but rather make his own. She instilled in him the idea that if he wanted something, he had to work hard for it and go after it, which Joe carries over into his business by successfully working hand-in-hand with his clients. Joe will go the extra distance for his clients because he is dedicated to making sure the client always feel like a priority.

“I am passionate about this industry because I get to help people with one of the biggest investments they can make in themselves and in their families.”

Joe has been a licensed realtor since 2010. He is experienced in business administration and is currently studying interior design. He feels that a working understanding of interior design will give him an edge when it comes to helping his valued clients buy or sell property.

“My goal is to be the one-stop shop when it comes to buying or selling property. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, seller, or an investor, I can offer many design ideas, from staging to complete remodel and redesign. My clients feel more confident knowing that what they buy will work perfectly for them because of my skills in the industry.”

Joe has lived in downtown Phoenix for four years now and specializes in central Phoenix, its surrounding neighborhoods, and Prescott, an area he frequents to spend time with family. Because he grew up in northern Arizona and lives in downtown Phoenix, he is an invaluable assent in helping his clients find the location that will best fit their needs.


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Interior Design, marketing, apartments, small business, sales, real estate, team building, public speaking, customer service, selling, investments, leases, social networking, management

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